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Drinking liquor 12 hours before you take Disulfiram and two weeks after the last quantity is not recommended.

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You may experience responses to Antabuse even up to 2 weeks after you stopped taking it, so make certain you prevent consuming liquor within this time period.


You do not should state such mild negative effects as skin rash, acne breakouts, mild hassles, metallic flavor in the mouth, aching tongue, mild sleepiness, impotence or tiredness, while a lot more major negative side effects of Disulfiram like severe diarrhea, allergy, seizures, loss of coordination, vomiting, dark pee, lightheadedness or extreme fatigue ought to always be reported.

Antabuse (disulfiram) is reliable for people diagnosed with chronic alcohol addiction that did not react to various other therapy approaches or they were not effective enough for them.


Avoid taking even more of Disulfiram compared to suggested as it is extremely unlikely to improve the effectiveness.

Females intending to take Antabuse and intending to obtain expecting, or those that are currently pregnant must discuss their choices with a qualified specialist to ensure their infant is risk-free.


Unlike mild side results (light problems, light sleepiness, metallic preference in the mouth, tiredness, impotence, skin rash or acne breakouts, or aching tongue) that you do not need to report unless they obtain annoying, the complying with major side impacts should be reported to your healthcare provider: reduction of appetite, upset stomach, yellowness of the skin or eyes, excessive exhaustion, weakness, dark urine, throwing up, and lack of energy.